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Documentary & Wedding Photographer

Simone Jimena Rudolphi

is a news, wedding and documentary photographer and educator based in the UK. She tells stories related to our human interaction with the enviornment and social justice. Her first major longterm story documents the Campaign to Protect Pont Valley in County Durham from 2018 onwards up to the last coal ship leaving the Port of Tyne. Her way of engaging with people, listening with intention and encouraging mutually supportive networks are reflected in the intimate, in depth visual stories.

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County Durham, June 2018: the climate protectors from The Campaign to Protect Pont Valley during an all night lockon .
Two climate protectors hugging in front of a digger with a placard: "Clean air is a must, we don't want your dust."
June D., a campaigner from The Campaign to Protect Pont Valley, pointing across the field to the nearest houses.
Campaigners from the Campaign to Protect Valley on Old Elvet, Durham City, maching with a banner at Durham Gala.
A crane loading up coal on to the last coal ship to depart from the Port of Tyne with North East coal .

"You can’t use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have."

—Maya Angelou

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Statement of Ethics

“Human dignity shall be inviolable.” Article 1 Section 1 (1) places human dignity at the very beginning of the German constitution (Basic Law / GG), a paragraph that has deeply influenced by life from a young age and thus very important in my practice as a German-born photographer wherever I find myself making work and collaborating with people.


In my photographic practice and everyday life, I acknowledge the inviolable and inalienable human rights of everyone as the basis for all I do. I promise to promote this universal right enshrined in the post-war German Grundgesetz (constitution) with my work. This respect of the untouchable dignity of others is the basis for peace and justice in our world and l endeavour to lead by example.

I will make work with utmost care and attention to respecting the dignity of all and a focus on collaboration. In practice this will mean honest, ongoing conversations and dialogue how images are made, used, and distributed with those featured in my images. I am hoping to build my projects on democratic, collaborative foundations which include detailed research beyond the obvious.

I strive to reduce my negative impact on the living planet around me. I am a Carbon Literacy Trust certified Climate Aware Photographer. In practice, that means going the extra mile by public transport, minimising plastic use and reducing consumption of unnecessary materials as well as always creatively upcycling/reusing materials for workshops.

I will be accountable by seeking feedback democratically and meaningfully. I will listen with care and intention to hear others and by acting pro-actively to resolve any issues arising.


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