My photography lives from serendipitous ENCOUNTERS and learning opportunities. Documenting the 'Between two Shores' walk for Henna Asikainen's project followed an interesting presentation hosted by NEPN (North East Photography Network) earlier in the year, sharing appreciation and actively seeking collaboration. These collaborative, creative ventures create a beautiful vibe and are source of renewal and energy and hope.

Walking barefoot across the seabed, eelgrass,mud and sand together with people resident in England carrying our many individual stories of migration (into the next street or to a new continent) on the very day the international community remembered for the 20th time the 9/11 terror in the US of America was a fitting act of solidarity with governed the world over as well as a collective call for Climate Justice.

Did you know Zostera is our very own 'rainforest'?

Immensely important for a healthy ecosystem, capable to capture CO2, yet immensely under pressure and at risk from farm run off and sewage deregulation.

What can I do?

  • learn and understand how things are connected
  • campaign (email MPs, local councils)
  • buy less from better sources
  • (in urgent cases) NVDA 'non violent direct action'