Reducing one's Carbon Footprint Practising Photography

When RedEye Network called for participants to do a first course with acreditation as Climate Aware Photographer from the Carbon Literacy Trust in June I jumped at the chance to refresh my theory knowledge and consider meaningfully my everyday practice and how to be as sustainable as possible eg: whenever and wherever possible using the greenest mode of transport even with a lot of gear. This pledge has been helped along by my car failing its MOT and me making the deliberate choice not to replace it for now and seeing how I get on without...

I am hoping my own much more considered approach will have a knock-on domino effect on all who sent assignments, fund my work or commission work as a more active way of 'offsetting' by pro-actively by reducing carbon footprint by not creating unnecessary GHGs in the first place. And above all else it makes good business sense and good community sense to be pro-active when the news from across Planet Earth shows us the disastrous consequences of the slow and non-action by decision-makers and maximum profit orientated corporates.

For now I am pleased to be one of the first cohort of photographers in England/Ireland to be accredited in this way through the Carbon Literacy Trust.