Campaigner fixing an orange solidarity heart made of felt to the trees so women taken to Derwentside IRC can see.
Campaigners walking aroound the IRC site in solidarity, singing #SetHerFree
'To Seek Asylum is not a Crime' banner at the No To Hassockfield Campaign Demo
Banners at the Solidarity with Women Refugees demo outside the 'Derwentside IRC'

For context of situation at Hassockfield follow the North East Bylines LINK below:

Emergency Demo in solidarity with women at Derwentside IRC
Banner 'Refugees Lives Matter' #NoToHassockfield
Campaigner looking across to the Hassockfield prison aka 'Derwentside IRC'
Campaigners singing and shouting #SetHerFree at the Hassockfield prison for women aka 'Derwentside IRC' run by Mitie